After weeks of looking a paper, fonts and tons of Pinterest boards dedicated to stationary you finally created the perfect invitation for your event.You spent numerous hours tracking down the addresses of your guests. You ordered custom stamps from Zazzle. You finally received your invitations from your printer, assembled everything and go to drop your invitations off in a mailbox.


You just spent so much time, effort and money; you can’t just dump them off in any old mailbox. The post office has automated its mail sorting and canceling (stamping over the postage stamp so it can’t be used again) with machines, which might be efficient for the USPS but is terrible for your invitations. These machines run the risk of damaging your invitation, especially if it’s an unusual size or stiff (most invitations fall in at least one of these categories). In addition, the machines don’t really like foil or darker paper with lighter text so any fancy envelopes or colorful addresses might get lost, which can lead to hurt feelings when you have to awkwardly explain to your poor Aunt Milly that her invitation was truly lost in the mail.

So what can you do to prevent such tragedies? Physically hand your invitations to a postman/woman and request them to hand-cancel the invitations. That means an actual person will sort through the invitations and manually stamp over the postage. The best part, there is no charge just ask and you shall receive!

Happy Mailing!


Mail today vs 10 years ago
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